Writer’s Block! What’s your remedy?

I have recently experienced a four-day case of writer’s block. The process was quite aggravating. At the peak of this most recent bought of writer’s block, I found it took me three hours to write only two sentences. So, I threw in the towel. By the weekend the words were flowing again.

So, the question for everyone is:

What’s your remedy for writer’s block?

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5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block! What’s your remedy?

  1. Hey Darin!
    So, my solution sounds a bit silly, but I talk to my husband. He generally doesn’t know a lot about the topic I’m trying to write about, but he loves to help solve problems. He normally suggests something completely different to the way I was looking at things and although it is unusual for me to completely take his suggestion, it usually helps me to see things in a different way. So, my suggestion is to try to talk about the issue with someone who doesn’t know a lot about it and ask what they think.
    Good luck!

    1. Lorri,
      I agree. Talking with my better half usually helps me with any issue. She is a great sounding board. However, she comes up with the most amazing ideas which help me unclog whatever has me at a dead end. The results of our talks sometimes points me in a brand new direction.

  2. Hi Darin,

    I struggle with writer’s block on a weekly basis; which is ironic because a primary part of my consulting practice is delivering workshops and courses on writing for business, plain language writing skills, and writing for presentations.

    Some strategies that I use include:
    – bouncing up and down on a mini-trampoline while watching Ted Talks
    – dictating my thoughts to my computer with the built-in speech-to-text software
    – typing what I’m thinking even if it has nothing to do with what I need to write
    – reading articles and making notes in the margins, then typing up those notes, even if they do not form a coherent outline or draft
    – playing puzzle games on my computer until I clear my head of whatever is stopping me from writing, and
    – like Lorri, I talk things out with my husband. He reads my drafts and lets me know what he doesn’t understand. That helps me to adjust my language and/or add concrete examples of concepts.

    I hope these strategies help. I know I have more, but these are the ones that came to mind tonight. 🙂

    Happy writing,

  3. Hi Darin,
    My technique is I get a good night’s sleep and in the morning I sit down with a latte and put on my 3M PELTOR H10A Optime ear muffs. My place is pretty quiet, but the auditory sensory deprivation from the ear muffs helps focus me and get me going. The coffee helps too 🙂

  4. Thank you Lorri, Fiona, and Jason.

    I have used cathartic approaches during past study blocked sessions. My wife is amazing at helping me look at life differently.

    I have not, however, used any auditory sensory deprivation methods. Something I may try, as I find I am no longer able to listen to music and study at the same time. However, I do find the background noise of a coffee shop does help.

    I did forget to mention that I usually clean to alleviate study issues. I just cleaned half the house this weekend, and I am ready to write!

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