Posts made in October, 2017

Is the medium the message?

Posted By on Oct 10, 2017

From Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, William Henry Fox Talbot and Jacques-Louis Daguerre’s near simultaneous invention of photography, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, right up through the creation of the CBC, communication continues to advance and become more entertaining, more absorbing, more realistic and even easier to comprehend…or so it seems. Marshall MacLuhan’s revolutionary statement “the medium is the...

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Act VI

Posted By on Oct 1, 2017

In activity Six we were asked to partner up with a fellow cohort from our class to discuss the implications of the abundance of resources in the context of pedagogy and learning. From the Weller article, “The digitization of content combined with a global network for delivery and an open system for sharing has seen radical changes in many industries” With a plethora of interesting things Jason Par and I were interested in learning...

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