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I am a Royal Roads Certified Executive Coach with a 20 year career as a filmmaker, photographer and artist, which has led me to journey far from my birthplace in New Brunswick and reside in New Zealand, South Korea, Scotland, the USA and across Canada. I supplemented my creative work by teaching courses in “acting for camera” for middle school, high school, university, and professional actors.

As a hockey player through Junior and college, I had the opportunity to play with several National Hockey League players. This naturally led me to coaching at an executive level with NHL coaches and scouts, including Scott Pellerin of the Toronto Maple Leafs, with whom I currently continue to collaborate. Other clients include an Internal and Infectious Medicine specialist, a University of Oregon professor and The David Suzuki Foundation. As a volunteer, I counsel and coach people coping with vision loss at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

Although art and creativity were early, natural components of my childhood identity, I set them aside when I was young in order to pursue hockey, athletics, and other adventures, which seemed more pressing to me at the time. These days, in several significant moments, I’ve retraced my path back to art and am now pursuing my passion for photography, which allows me to meditate upon a frame preserved from a moment where I was undeniably present but my ability to “see” was compromised.

My desire to pursue a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies stems from the potential I sense when drawing productive connections between coaching, communications, and learning & technology that will consolidate with my first person experience.




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