U1: A2 Thinking Ahead to Sharing my Research

I am still trying to hone in on my research topic, so thinking about how I might disseminate this research when it is completed is somewhat of a stretch, but a good way to get me in the zone. Since I am leaning toward creating an artefact that supports the work I am currently doing in my professional context, I would most likely present my research findings at a conference or in a professional development workshop.

The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), for which I am a member, is comprised of continuing education professionals from across the U.S. and Canada. Although the idea of presenting a conference paper on my research mortifies me, I can see the value in eliciting feedback to improve upon the research I would have started in the MALAT program through the Applied Research Project (ARP). The eDesign Collaborative is an interest group and networking space I belong to through UPCEA and it could be a good fit for dissemination of my research, also serving as a resource to draw from as I work through my project.

Another alternative in distributing my research would be in a professional development workshop. My institution is part of a state-wide system in which there are 23 campuses. Each year, a CSU Counterparts meeting is hosted by one of the campuses that brings together Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) colleagues to share best practices, troubleshoot, and tap into available resources specific to our university system. Since the sessions are more practically oriented, a professional development workshop that draws from my potential topic, fostering a blended/online Community of Practice (CoP), could be relevant in the need to develop more informal avenues for PaCE employee development and growth in the CSU system.

Either channel, conference or workshop, would afford the opportunity to disseminate my research in a way that I hope could be practical and meaningful to continuing education professionals from a variety of contexts. As I begin to develop my research topic and question, keeping in mind these two channels will help me to consider the needs of my audience.