Mapping your Social Network

Using an automated software such as to map my LinkedIn social network provided some interesting insights. To help analyze my map, I consulted a few sites, one of them was Ryze, which highlights areas to focus on and action steps in improving your network.

My own map shows 3 distinct groups, or “macro-groups” circled in dark ink. The first two groups are more closely related as they are connections from my former workplace in which there was overlap with programs and community relationships. The third group has evolved most recently and is connected through one node (or person) to my former work. The outliers represent opportunities in which I can better develop and identify shared interests to develop my professional network.

Having worked in a very large institution previously, my professional network developed, as a result of my work on committees, institutional events, and working relationships – most of which was face-to-face. Since transitioning to a new but related field of work, I am experiencing a change in my social interactions which have moved to a digital space. Learning how to cultivate these connections online is an area I am curious to learn more about!

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