The Start of our Facilitation Adventure…

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Draft Facilitation Plan for Group 3: Melem Sharpe, Phyz Wilkes, Tanya Heck

Our group will be facilitating a learning experience on the topic of student motivation and engagement for our LRNT 528 cohort. As this is the start of our adventure, we have drafted a facilitation plan to guide our facilitation week. We welcome any feedback or suggestions to help us strengthen this plan as we prepare for this new experience!

 Topic: Fostering student motivation and engagement in an on-line or blended learning environment

 Learning Goal:  The Learner should be able to identify and formulate strategies on how to promote student motivation and engagement within blended or online learning environments.

 Learning Activities

  1. Students will watch a short video clip to connect the learners to an understanding of student engagement. (1:15 minutes)
  2. Students will be asked to read 2 articles related to motivation and engagement
  1. Using Flipgrid, students will reflect on 1 example from their own learning/teaching context in which they felt motivation and engagement were lacking and explain how they could approach it differently drawing from the readings.
  2. Students must view at least 1 other student reflection and comment on potential approaches that could help increase motivation/engagement.
  3. Facilitators will offer feedback to learners throughout their reflections
  4. A final summary will occur. The summary will be posted in Mattermost or Google classroom as a follow up to the weeks activities.

Chosen Technologies:

Flipgrid– will be used to post the video reflection activity. Flipgrid is a social learning video based platform that is simple to use whilst engaging. This tool is easy to use and gives learners the opportunity to record and share their contributions in short video clips. This tool was selected because learners had prior knowledge and experience using this tool. This foundation will serve as a basis to provide an environment for students where they can be comfortable sharing their reflection among their colleagues. 

Mattermost–  will be used as a communication tool between learners and facilitators. It has been chosen for learners current use and prior knowledge of the platform. As an open source communication platform, similar to Slack, learners and facilitators can communicate asynchronously building on each other’s contributions in collaborative discussions. 

Google Classroom–   will be used to outline course activities as well as house course readings and documents. It will be used as a learning management system (LMS) to indicate the flow and order of the course material, allowing learners to keep on task and meet deadlines where applicable. In addition google classroom supports multi-functional platforms, making it easily accessible for learners.


During the one week facilitation, the flow of activities for learners would be chunked into manageable pieces, giving learners the opportunity to reflect and process the information curated from the content and amongst their peers. Learners will be asked to complete readings and reflections within the first 3 days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), complete responses to others the following two days (Thursday, Friday) to allow for a summary to occur by Sunday.


Communication will occur through a combination of Google Classroom, Flipgrid and Mattermost.   The course information, instruction and flow will be in Google Classroom. Reflections will take place in Flipgrid.  Mattermost will be used for access and communication with facilitators and any other further conversation that occurs.

Teaching, Social, and Cognitive Presence:

  • Social Presence – sharing personal experience examples, and participation in reflection. Thus providing students with an environment to be their authentic selves.
  • Cognitive Presence – making connections to the assigned readings and drawing from them application of potential approaches that could contribute to increased engagement and motivation in an online context.
  • Teaching Presence – commenting on student reflections; summarizing key takeaways for the week.


2 thoughts on “The Start of our Facilitation Adventure…”

  1. Good draft, Team Motivation. I think your alignment with CoI presences is very good and I like that you are asking your learners to reflect on a specific experience from their past and having them connect the learning to their own experiences.

    Your activity is good and supports your learning objective. Putting on my facilitator administration hat, I would suggest testing your technology choices ahead of time, especially Google Classroom as this will be a new technology for many learners. Will they require an account? If so, how do you plan to support them in creating an account? I would also test Flipgrid to ensure that it can do what you want it to do with the type of account you have.

    I would also suggest a bit more fleshing out of what your roles will be during the week. Expand on point 4 of your plan a bit more as you try to anticipate some of the directions the discussion may go, based on your readings.

    1. Hi Clint – really appreciate your thoughtful feedback. Great suggestions for our team to think through as we work through our final plan this week.

      Thank you,
      Mel, Phyz & Tanya

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