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month October 2019

Screen Time

Twenty-three years ago, my children were between the ages of two and five.  Computers were not a mainstay in everyone’s home and the definition of screen time related to watching television.  Just like today, we had Sesame Street and Thomas… Continue Reading →

The Legacy of Seymour Papert

MIT News, suggested that Seymour Papert’s “…ideas and inventions have transformed how children around the world create and learn” (MIT, 2016).  Papert contributed to creating change in education by recognizing that computers can be used to deliver instruction and information… Continue Reading →

Debating effects of Media and Technology on Learning

Co-authored by: Leigha Nevay, Tala Mami, Caroline Monsell, Kerry Sharples, and Owen Lloyd Image retrieved from: Retrieved from https://medium.com/@_mufarrohah/the-influences-of-technology-and-media-on-learning-process-de86ac9d7da6. Summary of the Points of View in Clark and Kozma’s Papers Richard E. Clark and Robert B. Kozma are considered by… Continue Reading →

Seymour Papert

Attached is the annotated bibliography for Seymour Papert.  His work was very interesting and he is definitely an inspiration to TechEd. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JbaNEQ61ZGXTiGTDMnLV7mCHvl_CqB5RhKdDdLPkBYw/edit?usp=sharing    

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