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Three Thoughts, Two Questions and One Metaphor – Final Blog Post

Firstly, I feel as though many questions were answered in the last four weeks, and not only did I gain a tremendous amount of knowledge, but also, I gained a tremendous amount of experience facilitating with my peers together with… Continue Reading →

Group 2 – Final Facilitation Plan

Learning Objective Learners will be introduced to the topic of leading synchronous and asynchronous discourse in an online environment while managing the diverse perspectives and conflicting ideas shared by participants. Evidence has shown that when learners are exposed to opinions… Continue Reading →

Community of Inquiry Framework

COVID-19 changed how learning is facilitated at the City.  Today, all learning is delivered online utilizing a Moodle platform.  From a facilitator perspective, online learning is new, exciting, and full of opportunities to connect with learners in a more intimate… Continue Reading →

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