Visitor-Resident Typology


Mapping my use of technology made me aware of my online presence.  I am, more often than not, a visitor rather than a resident.  The mapping exercise exemplified that I use the web as a ‘series of tools’ to obtain information or reach goals (White, 2013). On a daily basis, I go into my tool shed and I “select an appropriate tool which [I] can use to attain [my] goal.”  (White & Le Cornu, 2011) I am focused on completing work, moving ahead or finding information and I found it fascinating that this shows up on my digital footprint. I use Facebook as a vehicle to check in with friends and family. I do not connect with people on Facebook that I do not personally know.  I use internet searching tools and email on a daily basis for both my professional and personal life. I receive Instagram and Snapchat posts, therefore I consider myself a visitor. I see it as an effective and efficient way to connect and keep in touch with friends and family.

In my professional life, I am cognizant of the value of connections whether these are online or in-person.  I see it as a form of networking and an important facet of leadership. More importantly, I believe that in my professional/institutional life I need to make connections with others outside of my personal group.  I value learning new skills and developing new relationships and this is effectively completed by using technology. To this end, I am going to challenge myself to become more of a resident with technology, to get outside of my comfort zone and to become more engaged rather than visiting it from afar.

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