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Posted By on May 10, 2019

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The biggest influence on my digital presence and my digital identity by far right now is this MALAT Group. Building these new relationships and having the advantage of being able to collaborate on an ongoing basis has huge advantages to learning. Having people from different backgrounds and cultures creates a diversity which strengthens the group (or Network) by offering many more perspectives on any given topic which, in turn enhances the overall problem-solving capabilities of that group (Dron & Andreson, 2014).

I have also thought more deeply about the relationship between social presence, cognitive presence and teaching presence as Garrison, Anderson and Archer (2000) talked about in their Community of Inquiry diagram (p.88).

I hadn’t thought that deeply about the importance of the social aspect for a meaningful online educational experience. The importance of participants to feel like “real people” (p. 89). Also, how the teaching presence “may be performed by any one participant in our Community of Inquiry” (p.89) but stress that it is more than likely to be the teacher holding the primary function. Nineteen years later, it is obvious that the role of the teacher has been shifting to all of the participants in an online learning environment (vanOostveen, DiGiuseppe, Barber, Blayone, & Childs, 2016, p. 4).

I ask my fellow MALAT members: Do you feel like you are shifting roles from student to teacher yet?


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Reflection on my visual network map

Posted By on May 10, 2019


One of the first things I noticed while creating my visual network map is how small my network is in relation to many others. My biggest active network by far is through WhatsApp and that is almost entirely through work. While I have a fairly large network on Facebook it is rarely utilized. I have gained a clearer sense of the difference between a Group and a Network (Veletsianos, 2016 and Dron & Andreson, 2014). I would have said I belong to different online groups but realize now that I am a node (Dron & Andreson, 2014) in a number of different Networks.

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Reflecting on my Digital Presence

Posted By on May 3, 2019

What a great journey we have begun. My goal in this MALAT program is to become more of a resident (White & Le Cornu, 2011) with many of the online tools I use, especially with the new ones that I’ve been introduced to over these past weeks. I want to become more confident with posting to my blog and commenting on the blogs of others. I also want to create a strong personal brand (Lancaster, 2014, 9:36) in my digital space and expand my Internet realestate (Lancaster, 2014, 10:39) through tools such as LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter and others. I want to become more immersed in the participatory culture (Jenkins, 2009) of the digital world.

I will continue to learn more about the online tools we have been introduced to and expand on the ones I already use. I will also try to better organize my days and weeks to allow the time needed to do the necessary research and to become more of an expert with all these new digital tools. There is quite a learning curve to adding a program like this to what seemed to be an already full schedule. Work/life/study balance is something that is currently one of my biggest hurdles to navigate (and that I will overcome!).

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