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I found mapping my digital presence on this resident-visitor timeline (White, Le Cornu, 2011) very interesting and also quite revealing. One thing I found myself struggling with was where exactly to place the different digital tools that I use. I find in most cases they have changed over time or are currently evolving. I had to analyze where each tool landed at present. With YouTube for example, I rarely post anything or comment on videos I watch and I am therefore currently largely on the visitor side of the spectrum. Years ago however, I had a channel and used to post my videos and back then, would’ve placed YouTube in the resident/personal quadrant.

After I finished my diagram (White, Sept. 13) I realized it didn’t quite feel complete so I decided to add arrows to a few of the tools indicating that they are currently in motion.

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A Reflection on Symposium Week

Posted By on Apr 23, 2019

Royal Roads University held their annual MALAT Virtual Symposium this past week where a wealth of information and insight was offered. There was an all-star lineup of guest speakers from many different faucets of the online industry.

Each day we heard from experts in the field and on two days we heard from current MALAT students. One presenter on the first day, Carolyn Levy, spoke about how the role of Instructional Designers has become much more complex, how having to keep moving from the conceptual level to the detail level is so important in making design upgrades to a program successful. (carolyn levy, 2019, 39:07) It was surprising to hear how common it is for people in the same field to be using different language to describe the same concept. Globally and even within the same institution, people are using the same terms but not necessarily talking about the same thing. (Elizabeth Childs, 2019, 31:30), (carolyn levy, 2019, 34:02) It is fascinating to me that this has happened and how much complexity it adds to the role of IDs.

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