Reflection on my visual network map

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One of the first things I noticed while creating my visual network map is how small my network is in relation to many others. My biggest active network by far is through WhatsApp and that is almost entirely through work. While I have a fairly large network on Facebook it is rarely utilized. I have gained a clearer sense of the difference between a Group and a Network (Veletsianos, 2016 and Dron & Andreson, 2014). I would have said I belong to different online groups but realize now that I am a node (Dron & Andreson, 2014) in a number of different Networks.

As I move forward in this course and further analyze my online presence and my place in Networks, I am gaining a much clearer view of my position in each. It has made me realize that I want to make some changes to both. For example, even though I have had an account with LinkedIn for many years, I didn’t really see the value of maintaining it since I have been fairly content with my employment. With my new found perspective, one aspect of my place in Networks I want to focus on is increasing my presence on LinkedIn.

As I embark on this new path, I can really see the value of having strong Networks and a meaningful online presence overall. I am so looking forward to building on both of these with my fellow cohorts in this program and with my current and future nodes.




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