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Piecing it All Together

As I continue to gain a deeper understanding of behaviourist, cognitivist, and constructivist learning theories, this knowledge has become a blueprint for me when designing instruction. Utilizing theoretical approaches with practical applications has provided me with a deeper understanding into… Continue Reading →

Being Open to Change and Embracing Innovation

When I think of innovation, I often picture new technologies or certain outlooks that promote alternative solutions to how we currently operate. Sometimes such innovations have led to drastic shifts in how we view and go about our daily lives…. Continue Reading →

Designing and Thinking for Success

In a world that is constantly evolving, new challenges are arising. Pre existing solutions may not be a feasible option anymore. As a result, this can lead to higher demands for more innovative and creative means of solving problems. Reading… Continue Reading →

Maximizing Learning Opportunities

I have had the unique opportunity to be on both sides of the education spectrum. Over the years, I have taken a number of professional development programs, and I have also been an instructor to a wide age range of… Continue Reading →

Virtual Learning Assistant: Using empathetic design to create change

This blog was written by Marta and myself. Click here to access the blog: Virtual Learning Assistant: Using empathetic design to create change. We would appreciate your feedback prior to December 5th, so we can begin Part B of our… Continue Reading →

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