Disseminating Research

I’ve been thinking about the idea of disseminating research. I realized that in order to answer this question, I have to understand the value of the research. Is this research for research sake? Is this research being done solely to get through MALAT? Or is there value in the information being gathered? When I look at a bibliography of research papers on podcasting, the list goes on for pages. And this is a new field of study! One cannot help but have feelings that their research will just end up lost on a digital pile of academic research. But this is really the case for any creation. There are millions of books, countless movies, paintings, buildings, songs, or any thing that we as humans create. What we do is not a beginning or an end, but just a drop in the river of who we are as humans.

So with that existential moment of thought, my research will certainly have value to my colleagues at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, particularly those within CBC Curio, which offers CBC content as learning material for teachers. There is also potential for this research to be published in scholarly journals such as Computers & Education; Current Issues in Emerging elearning; or Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. There may be opportunities in journals with a communications theme such as Journal of Radio & Audio Media, or Broadcast Dialogue, a Canadian e-publication.

The hope is that is contributes in some small way to the ongoing evolution of learning and education. That’s a worthy outcome.


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