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The comment that Dr. George Veletsianos made which struck a cord with me is in regards to keeping your biases in check when analyzing the data collected from the participants of a research study. This resonates with me because in my position as an instructional designer I am constantly seeking feedback and asking colleagues to QA my projects. The reason being is that when you are deep in designing a project you may not “see” key elements that a fresh pair of eyes will catch. I see this as being transferred to analyzing data. Dr. Veletasianos mentioned that bias will always enter but should be contained. Working as a group on a research project helps to keep these biases in check. He brought up a good point that perhaps when you are first analyzing the data you may interpret the participants response to mean one thing, whereas another group member may point out that in fact it could mean something entirely different. Once this point is made, you are able to see the other perspective. In instructional design we having a saying “four eye are better than two”. I hope to take Dr. Veletsianos advice, when conducting research, to get another viewpoint when analyzing the data in order to avoid internal biases.