I do have a bit a knowledge when it comes to copyright. At my workplace we publish textbooks for our students. I work directly with the editors on the Academic Programs team. At times, when the projects for the Instructional Design team are quiet (which is not often), we are asked to step in and help out the editors with the textbook redesigns. We are currently adding more visuals to the textbooks in the form of art, media, images, graphs and/or charts. We have copyright editors who review our suggestions and provide us with the copyright guidelines to adhere to in Canada. Therefore, when Melanie Wrobel was discussing the use of images and such, I was familiar the content she covered regarding the guidelines associated with their use. However, I did find it helpful, and useful, to learn about what she referred to as the”higher risk” items such as blogs and social media posts. Before beginning the process of collecting research for my thesis, I plan on using a citation manager to help me organize my resources and create a bibliography. I have already begun to take a look at Mendelay for this purpose.