I had quite a bit of fun mapping my use of technology. Initially I thought this task was going to be a more challenging process than it actually was. Although I have considered my use of social media or social networking sites in the past, I have never acknowledged how I interact with technology. I have on the other hand recognized how social networking sites, and more specifically cyberinfrastructures, have impacted my daily interactions both personally and professionally. Now we are able to easily find communities in which we can connect with like-minded individuals to share experiences, media, references and stories. As stated by Jenkins, the fluid communication within the new media environment brings together groups that otherwise might have segregated lives. (2009, p.114) These cybercommunities bring together groups that would have no direct contact in the physical world, resulting in heated conflicts about values or norms. (Jenkins, 2009, p.114) Many of these cybercommunities and infrastructure in which I contribute to have a positive impact on the decisions I make both personally and professionally.



Jenkins, H. (2009). Confronting the challenges of participatory culture: Media education for the 21st century. MIT Press.