• What were some surprising ideas that you encountered as you reviewed the recordings and artefacts? Why were they surprising?

I truly enjoyed taking part in the virtual synopsis sessions. I viewed a few recordings and found the question of “how to introduce yourself” both interesting and relevant to my online interactions. I viewed the recording; “Designing Learning Environments for a Global Context” with Carolyn Levy and completely related to her notion of creating a virtual space with authenticity. She spoke about how more and more we are shifting from a local to a global form, and that we need to take into consideration both the audience we are delivering to and the stakeholders creating the content/program.

  • Which one idea was especially intriguing to you? Why?

The idea I found to be intriguing is the idea that the role of the instructional designer is also shifting from a local perceptive to a global environment (Carolyn Levy). The role I currently hold is that of a senior instructional designer at the Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC). I have been in this role for just over three years. Most recently my role has shifted to encompass the role of project manager for a few ongoing course developments projects within the academic programs department. I agree with Levy in that the job as an ID is becoming more complex as the roles shift and varied skills to wear the different hats required.

  • Did you encounter any ideas that you especially agreed or disagreed with? Describe that idea in your own words On what bases did you agree or disagree with the idea? Was the disagreement conceptual, philosophical, or ethical? What evidence would you use in supporting your agreement or disagreement with the idea?

I agreed with the idea of working with strong personalities and the importance of collaborating. Levy had mentioned the need to meet the stakeholders where they are at and not to impose your belief structure or education model onto an organization but instead to covey the notion that you are there to help. In this respect, it is important to listen to what the asks are and to come up with solutions that makes sense for the individual organization. I agree with the philosophy of supporting the foundations that the organization has already instilled and to build from solid framework in place.