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Toolkit for Leading the Implementation of Digital Technologies

You can read Team C’s Toolkit post here.

Employee Perceptions on Organizational Change

Educational institutions must be prepared to cope with and embrace change. The dynamic nature of emerging technologies which are becoming more prevalent in today’s’ learning environments demands educational institutions not only be able to deal with change, but also to… Continue Reading →

Leading Through Change

Organizations undergoing significant change require competent leadership to ensure successful implementation of the change. The research field of change management offers several change-models that leaders could adopt to help structure and sequence the process of implementing change in their organizations…. Continue Reading →

Reflection on Leadership Styles

In my professional life I have had the opportunity to be guided by a diverse spectrum of leaders, and have also been afforded the opportunity to lead groups, both formally and informally in the workplace. The experiences I have had… Continue Reading →

TAPPA in Practice

Through TAPPA (Target, Accomplishment, Past, Prototype, Artifact) Moore (2013) offers a path for instructional designers to follow which he asserts will allow them to create prototypes at a faster rate than possible though other design models. Theses other design models… Continue Reading →

Assessment in the Design Process

In “Assessing d.learning: Capturing the Journey of Becoming a Design Thinker” , Goldman et al. (2012) introduced various prototypes they had developed in order to be able to assess the learning and development that occurs within a design thinking process…. Continue Reading →

Measuring Attributes: A Prototype Solution

Mark is an air traffic controller, responsible for training and qualifying aspiring air traffic controllers. As the instructional supervisor he is responsible for the development of all terminal air traffic control instructors. He is routinely involved in both the development… Continue Reading →

Blogging With Purpose

After reading Tony Bates blog post, “A short history of educational technology”, I feel I have a better understanding now of what an academic blog post should be. Bates followed an academic writing structure, provided evidence and references for his… Continue Reading →

Screen Time Guidelines

In his article about screen time, Etchells asserts that existing research has not produced sufficient evidence to inform policies which would set screen time guidelines for children. He provides examples of research studies that have not been able to conclusively… Continue Reading →

How Media Affects Learning

By Laren Helfer, Sandra Kuipers, Kathy Moore, Mark Regan Clark (1994) and Kozma (1994) see opposite sides of the issue regarding if and how media influences learning.  As a team, we were tasked with looking at what is happening in… Continue Reading →

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