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3-2-1 on Facilitation

  Thoughts on digital facilitation: Clear and direct teaching presence is perhaps the most critical element in a fully online course. Social presence can emerge in a digital setting, but promoting one should not trump, nor supersede cognitive presence. Participatory… Continue Reading →

Facilitation Plan

Team 1’s Facilitation Plan Team Members: Earl Einarson, Susan Nassiripour, Lisa Gates, Tala Mami, Laren Helfer   Given the topic ‘Ways in which emerging digital technologies could influence facilitation’, we decided on the following learning outcome: Identify an emerging technology… Continue Reading →

Deepening Learning Through a Community of Inquiry

“Once community is established, the more likely deep and meaningful learning will occur” (Vaughan et al., 2013). The Community of Inquiry (CoI) model rests on this understanding, that learning is deeper when it occurs socially.  The idea that learning is… Continue Reading →

Unit 1 Activity 3: Initiating the Process of Design

When asked to articulate and then refine a ‘problem of practice’ from my current professional life, I didn’t have to contemplate very long to identify a challenge I was currently facing. As an instructor in higher education, I (along with… Continue Reading →

Educational and Program Integrity

In my prior Blog Post, I explained that I was interested in exploring the issue of academic integrity in distance learning,  and in discovering if/how educational institutions maintain the integrity and quality of their courses when transitioning from traditional to… Continue Reading →

Team 4 Final Presentation LRNT526

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend our live presentation today. For those of you were not able to make it, you may acess the 30 minute, live recorded session here, where you can view the video… Continue Reading →

Unit 1 Activity 3 – Higher Order Learning Outcomes in Remote Delivery

The recent and rapid shift from traditionally delivered to remotely delivered courses has presented a challenge for many post-secondary institutions; how can the integrity of an educational transaction be preserved when the affordances of traditional delivery are removed? More specifically,… Continue Reading →

Final Reflection on Leadership

In my current role, I intend to capitalize on opportunities to lead change, however small they may be. I have learned that change can occur at various levels, and that change doesn’t need to be high-level to warrant an intelligent,… Continue Reading →

Toolkit for Leading the Implementation of Digital Technologies

You can read Team C’s Toolkit post here.

Employee Perceptions on Organizational Change

Educational institutions must be prepared to cope with and embrace change. The dynamic nature of emerging technologies which are becoming more prevalent in today’s’ learning environments demands educational institutions not only be able to deal with change, but also to… Continue Reading →

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