Thoughts on digital facilitation:

  1. Clear and direct teaching presence is perhaps the most critical element in a fully online course.
  2. Social presence can emerge in a digital setting, but promoting one should not trump, nor supersede cognitive presence.
  3. Participatory activities need to be meaningful, thoughtful and directly assist in attaining the learning outcome.


Questions about digital facilitation:

  1. Exertion vs Reward – What must be included, vs. what should be included in a quality, transformative learning transaction?  Where is the best place to invest my limited amount of time as an instructor?
  2. When there is a choice between delivery modalities, how can we honor the reasons why an individual selected an online program in the first place, while preserving collaborative and constructive learning experiences.

Metaphor on digital facilitation:

  1. Facilitation in a digital, remote, or online format is a precarious spectacle where the instructor must balance the social, teaching, and cognitive presences in an agile manner, while planning the corrective interventions they will deploy in the event that this balance is challenged.

In the event that any element of these three presences is omitted, or over-indulged during the course of an instructional segment, the entire learning transaction may be adversely impacted.