In my current role, I intend to capitalize on opportunities to lead change, however small they may be. I have learned that change can occur at various levels, and that change doesn’t need to be high-level to warrant an intelligent, thoughtful approach. Particularly interesting and potentially useful to me, were the insights gained in reading Conway, Masters, & Thorold (2017). Their ideas about overcoming barriers when it comes to scaling innovation are something I can directly apply in my work. So often we are quick to solve problems, and sometimes invest tremendous amount of effort to try and get our solutions ‘right’. Then we are surprised, disappointed and perhaps even hurt when our carefully designed solutions are faced with opposition, rejection or dismissal. Conway, Masters, & Thorold (2017) emphasized how those potential barriers can be mitigated early in the process. Consideration of impact and stakeholder perceptions before design begins seem to me, to be the most useful insight that I can apply to any problem that I’m trying to solve. Involving others in preliminary conversation to gain empathy is an important step that I have often not taken. I look forward to how my transformed thoughts on this will translate into my workplace.


Conway, R., Masters, J., & Thorold, J.  (2017).  From design thinking to systems change: How to invest in innovation for social impact.  Retrieved from