In the spirit of sharing

I was thinking about Lynda Barry (brilliant cartoonist, if you don’t know of her) and a conversation that she had with Tom Power on CBC. She talked about the opportunity she had to write a book, and how hard it was to get any momentum with it. Finally she said to herself (and I’m paraphrasing), “what would this look like if I were to do it?” Then laughed to herself, because, of course she was the one doing it.

Well. I kind of feel that way about this blog.

In one of my other lives, I’m a visual note-taker and graphic recorder. My note-taking is not linear, and much as I love the structure of taking notes in a spreadsheet, I struggle with it.

So, in the spirit of sharing, I offer some notes from this past course. Transformative Pedagogy 1 and 2.




Thanks for indulging me.


Slavich, George M., and Philip G. Zimbardo. 2012. “Transformational Teaching: Theoretical Underpinnings, Basic Principles, and Core Methods.” Educational Psychology Review 24(4):569–608.

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