Team submission: Lisa Gedak, Leigha Nevay, Sue Reid

Over the previous two weeks Lisa, Sue, Leigha and I have been working collaboratively to build an Learning Technology implementation guide. We met synchronously via Blackboard to discuss the division of work and to express our individual ideas of what digital implementation and change looks like.

As a group we felt it was important to use new-to-us software to produce a graphic component as well as an interactive piece; to experience what its like to go through a mini change cycle by using something unfamiliar.

To create the info graphic depicting the individual planning elements of the guide we used the online application  which allowed for a drag and drop creation of the poster shown above and H5P to build the interactive portion of our guide.

The whole experience was one of evolution and rethinking as each of us added our own ideas and concepts gained from the different course readings. I discovered that my individual vision of what change implementation looks like morphed to include elements I’d not yet considered. In the end, we all noticed that even though each element was developed separately, by different team members, we spoke with one unified voice.

The written portion of the guide can be found here: Implementation guide  and take a look at our interactive H5P module here: Interactive guide

Make sure you activate the audio function when you view the first slide.

Over to you now.

After you reviewed the two components, what was your sense of our process? Did you feel as though we addressed sufficient variables to provide a stable path to change adoption? If not, what could we add that would make this a more inclusive package?

Change can be an unsettling experience and our goal with this guide was to ease as many of the disruptors as we could in an effort to prevent fear of change being a barrier to a successful path forward.

Also, please share your experiences with change, both good and bad so that we can all learn from individual experiences.

Stay healthy everyone.