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Suddenly and with little warning we are all seeking to hone our virtual skills. Our abilities to captivate and engage an audience through natural abilities was suddenly put on notice.
A new Sheriff is in town and this Sheriff wants a whole new set of skills in the world of digital facilitation.
To convey sincerity and humility without the body language and tonality that comes with face to face interaction will require a whole new conversational style that will take thoughtful application.

The human element of communication is often taken for granted and with its sudden absence, off the cuff communication will be fraught with pitfalls. Digital facilitation will demand a clear understanding of goals and needs.
Today’s Owen believes that:
1. Digital facilitation is about providing guidance and direction to those seeking out a goal. Often it will require multiple points of contact to develop the needed trust and to develop a mutual understanding.
2. Empowering people to take control of their lives and no longer be a bystander in life. Through enabled the learner to gains skills, confidence and have choices.
3. Breaking down barriers of all types. Digital facilitation permits learning and personal development without regard to geography, economy, or social standing by bringing the learning to the homes of the learners.

What keeps me up at night when considering this new digital instructional world in which we live?
1. With the constantly changing digital landscape, how can we instill learning today that will benefit tomorrow?
2. How can I develop and deliver an engaging session in order to prevent learners from drifting off.

Clearly questions about tomorrow’s needs can only be answered reflectively and all we can really do is make educated decisions (I didn’t want to say “guesses”) and it should go without being said that educated decisions require on going education.

It is my hope that Tomorrow’s Owen will look back on today with the benefit of that education.

Welcome to the world of lifelong learning.