An understated powerhouse of a person…in 249 words!

As is typical of my serendipitous encounters, through a combination of following my head, my heart, my intuition, and luck. I was led to: Anne-Marie Scott.

I’ll be honest in that I only just ‘met’ Anne-Marie yesterday so I’m still getting to know her. But what I’ve discovered thus far has me fascinated. A self described edtech lady leader and follower of #femedtech who works as the Deputy Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services at the University of Edinburgh (UofE), Anne-Marie is closely involved in all things ed tech, as well as marginalized communities. She’s one of the leadership team for Girl Geek Scotland and also a Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT). She offers access to her CMALT portfolio and I can hardly wait!

You’ve likely heard that phrase: “an open book” and that’s what first struck me about Anne-Marie’s online presence. What you see is what you get, and she’s VERY open to freely sharing her ideas, data and her expertise. For example, here’s a blog post about her WordPress site, helpful for those like me, who are new to the software.

Through Twitter, her blog, the UofE blog and Instagram, Anne-Marie’s work is refreshingly honest, informed, diverse, inclusive, and cheeky. There’s clearly a lot I can learn from someone like her and I’m looking forward to it!

For more, here’s a studio visit (3:06-47:15) where she discusses the Internet and, her other, numerous interests with a group of students. Great food for thought!


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2 Replies to “An understated powerhouse of a person…in 249 words!”

  1. I enjoyed learning about Anne-Marie Scott, Sue! Very interesting. I checked out the different links you shared about her and her work. I found the parts of the video that I watched (“studio visit”) were really engaging. I found her discussion with the students about some of the ideological differences between Scotland and the United States surrounding digital security, privacy, and laws to be very interesting. As we navigate more and more through the complexities and legalities of the digital era, it will indeed be fascinating to continue to watch different national political climates and cultural contexts articulated in the presence (or absence) or digital security and privacy laws and policies. AND I LOVE the Scottish accent! Always have! 🙂
    Thanks, Sue!

    1. Thanks for checking in Leigh! I’m learning more about Anne-Marie and her work in the area of learning analytics, which of course I enjoy too. I was happy to read that she views statistics as a form of ‘storytelling’, because I do as well. I’m so glad this assignment has given us the opportunity to find interesting people and share with each other. Exactly what I was hoping our blogs would facilitate!

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