The Impact of Digital Learning on Cross-Cultural Communication

Xiaojing Liu, Shijuan Liu, Seung-hee Lee and Richard J. Magjuka Source: Journal of Educational Technology & Society , Vol. 13, No. 3, Innovations in Designing Mobile Learning Applications (July 2010),pp. 177-188 International Forum of Educational Technology & Society

Delayed text-based communication of an asynchronous discussion “is unable to convey the nuances of human interaction and, therefore, the students felt that it was difficult for them to figure out the intentions of the other students during group work due to their different working styles and cultures.”

Case bases content/studies in this course were US centric that other students could not relate to-diversity with cross cultural considerations are needed.

Positive: Asynchronous discussion allows for reduction in misunderstandings caused by language barriers such as accents.

Synchronous communications allows for students “get to know each other much better thanks to the live interaction.”

Negative: Asynchronous communication is delayed and nuances of human interaction may be lost.

Synchronous can be difficult with various time zones

Cultural specific experiences in course content may not translate to an 

international study group

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