Virtual Symposium

Some fascinating presentations given in the virtual symposium. Dave Cormier’s presentation regarding Open Education and the varying levels of “open”.  That he coined the term MOOC and was on the groundfloor of open education left me a little awed. I teach Training and Development in our Business diploma and we spend a good deal of time looking at tech-enabled training and development. I have students develop a short lesson which they can then modify for an asynchronous, tech/online environment. It’s the chapter and assignment that I most look forward to because it allows the students to explore the curriculum in creative ways. YouTube has been used as the democratizer of learning. I’ve curated YouTube videos to complement my face-to-face instruction for a few years. YouTube, then, is the truest example of “open”education and learning.  I had been looked at Open through a very narrow lens and I’ve been nudged to start thinking about open education differently. I have to admit, after listening to this I did a bit of a deep dive and started following Dave Cormier on YouTube and I finally feel like I belong!

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