Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Digital Presence and Identity Plan (Plotagon Video)

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

I’ve been asked to create some scenario-based videos using Plotagon for work and was giving a Blue Yeti microphone to use. So, I was so glad to get the okay to use the platform to create a video for this activity, for some additional practice and feedback.

It was quite enjoyable to create this short clip. The most challenging part was to soundproof my home from city noise, chirping birds, and a very talkative meowing cat who also snores and snorts very loudly.

Here is my digital presence action plan. Your thoughts and feedback on the video are all welcome! Thank you in advance.

3 thoughts on “Digital Presence and Identity Plan (Plotagon Video)

  1. I really appreciate how you are focusing on the areas you really enjoy being present and that enable you to keep connected with the cohort. Do you have any thoughts around how you would like to stay connected with the MALAT group? I’ve been thinking a bit about how we can build a connected and supportive cohort, but don’t have any great ideas. Have you had any thoughts around this?

    1. Thank you for your comment, David! I recall you mentioned using Teams a few weeks back? I use Teams for work and it works well though I have been using Slack to collaborate and for teamwork and it’s working exceptionally. I am thinking we can start a google doc, anyone who wants to share their contact information can do so? I would love to build this as our supportive community.

      1. That sounds great! I’ve been using Teams with my MALAT groups for teamwork and it’s been really nice. I used Slack at previous jobs and before my school switched us to Teams. I like Slack, but found the “we’re going to delete your content after X messages” a bit frustrating when you’re trying to find old conversations. A Google doc for the group would be great. Maybe even with a place where we could share our preferred contact/teamwork method/tool.

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