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Techno-Determinism in Education

By Denys Koval & Christopher Rowe Over the past week, we’ve been exploring a disagreement in the EdTech world known as the Great Media Debate.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Richard E. Clark and Robert B. Kozma separately… Continue Reading →

Derek Bruff – Providing a Voice

An Influencer in Educational Technology I’ve recently been tasked with providing a little background on an influential player in the educational technology field.  After some investigating, an individual came to my attention who has had both a significant impact on… Continue Reading →

Reflection on 25 Years of Ed Tech – Chapters 9 – 18

Software Sedimentation (Alignment with Current Practice) One concept that Weller presented in his book that resonated with me is that of software sedimentation (Lanier, 2002, as cited in Weller, 2020, p. 65).  The idea is that a piece of software… Continue Reading →

Reflection on 25 Years of Ed Tech – Chapters 1 – 8

I’ve been reading Martin Weller’s book titled, 25 Years of Ed Tech.  It’s an historical recounting of Weller’s experience as a professor of educational technology at Open University in the UK with the development of ed tech over a twenty-five… Continue Reading →

A Literature Review is Like an Onion

  Earlier in the summer, a number of my classmates and I had the honour to participate in a video chat with Dr. George Veletsianos (2020), faculty member of the School of Education & Technology at Royal Roads University, Canada… Continue Reading →

Open Education Resources and Creative Commons Attribution

It was my pleasure recently to have had the opportunity to listen to Clint Lalonde (2018), Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University in the School of Education & Technology, and Manager of Education Technologies at BCcampus, while he presented on… Continue Reading →

What Makes a Good Research Question

In preparation to do my research, I first have to consider how to focus my time and energy, both of which are limited resources.  With that idea in mind, I can’t read all the literature on a given topic, but… Continue Reading →

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