Ed Tech in 2030

Technologies by Annie at Flickr

For the speculative futures essay, I am choosing to focus on hope and positive outcomes as these motivate students, educators, and policy-makers alike. As Veletsianos (2020) and MacGilchrist (2020) noted, the decisions we make today shape our future. I am hopeful that we can shape it with MacGilchrist’s (2019) first two prioritized goals of educational technology, inclusion and environment. Imagine a potential future where the environmentally conscious production and consumption of technology is part of a secondary school program that provides equal access to equal education. Our experiences during the pandemic and the provincial election of 2020 will undoubtedly contribute to this future. For instance, I would expect that many will be unwilling to go back to an inflexible model. The elected party of 2020 implemented childcare and economic plans that focus on employment for adults. Adolescents return to school and, similar to Selwyn et al.’s (2020) vignette, have flexibility to choose areas for practical experience and extra credit. The solution to equitable access to hardware needs to be something other than increased production or corporate funding. In 2030, I foresee philanthropic programs like Freegeek in schools providing access to technologies and technological skills. However, so that optimism does not appear naïve, I will remove the rose-coloured glasses just long enough to identify potential resistance and counter movements. Some of the resistance could come from competition or corporations looking for economic gain as in singh and Maughan (2014). There will remain a need for dominant and systemic support for equality and environmentally conscious programs that are firmly grounded in research and policies.


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