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Reflecting on 527

Reflecting on 527

Posted By on Aug 7, 2021

While designing and developing the digital learning resource, I appreciated its authenticity as it can be applied directly to my new role as a district Technical Innovation Coordinator starting in the fall. As I developed a resource for a tool I will be using in the fall rather than one related to my MALAT area of interest, it will unlikely be used for the Applied Research Project. However, the design thinking process and development of resources are valuable.

I reflected on the process using Seidel and Blythe’s intriguing Compass Model of reflection (1996, as cited in Wilfrid Laurier University, n.d.). Inwardly, I was thankful for the opportunity to practice tools I would be coaching other educators on in the fall. The most surprising and challenging aspect of the design thinking process distancing my documentation from the vendors’ pre-existing and thorough documentation. In hindsight, I recognize that I struggle with choosing a narrow scope. I regularly get lost in the rabbit hole of research and end up trying to tackle every angle instead of having a more narrow focus to allow for more depth. I’m hoping that narrowing scope becomes easier as I progress through the final year of the program.

Looking forward to future projects, I need to take more time to find a topic I feel passionately about because I realize that this drives my motivation. Outwardly, I feel I have a healthy perception of the user. I have recently worked in roles similar to those of the user and have consistently used e-portfolios in a variety of contexts. Where my perception is lacking is in thoroughly understanding the specific attitudes and challenges of this school district. This will assist me in developing specific tasks teachers can assign to make meaningful use out of the e-portfolio tools.  Surveying members from various schools would help me to identify potential challenges. I also strive to take more time to reflect thoughtfully. An increasing challenge for me is to find the time to reflect and develop plans to implement revised goals.


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