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LRNT525 Reflections

  In my initial blog post I referred a lot to the idea that a good leader needs to be supportive and also inspirational.  I also touch on Huggins (2017) idea that leaders need to have a high-tolerance for risk… Continue Reading →

Unit 3 Blog Post.

At the beginning of the project, Costa Rica’s coastal town experienced a vacuum of tourists. People were left without jobs or government support in the blink of an eye. Hunger was a real danger for many families relying on tourism… Continue Reading →

LRNT525 Unit Two Assignment.

Please check out my infographic at: https://www.canva.com/design/DAEWUZ4BaL0/Zwq2wLHOc5aF3Q5AUe2EBg/view?utm_content=DAEWUZ4BaL0&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton Successful change in an organization requires the outcome to align with the principles of the company, consideration of those involved, strong leaders, a technical backdrop, and an approach with small incremental steps. Al-hadad… Continue Reading →

LRNT525 Week Two Blog Post.

                               In regards to the lessons we can take away from the COVID-19 pandemic, I argue that change does not always need a powerful leader per… Continue Reading →

Emma’s Blog #1.

Welcome to my blog LRNT525 classmates! I don’t have much experience in a leadership role aside from being a teacher and mother as I am an independent contractor. Leading in the digital learning environment is far different than being an… Continue Reading →

Welcome to your site!

This is your WebSpace powered by WordPress site. It will be the home for your journey through the MALAT program, and you can customize it to meet your needs and reflect your style. Use these tutorials to learn more about… Continue Reading →

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