McMurray's Resident - Typology Map

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My residents – visitors map revealed three things;  that I am primarily a visitor, that my work is not represented well and that Youtube has become a larger part of my social media presence (and a very messy one) since the pivot to online learning as a result of covid 19.

While I spend time each day on social media, my findings revealed I am more aligned with White and Le Cornu’s (2011) visitor typology, gathering information, laying low and most often leaving without a trace.

I struggle to find the balance in how to represent myself online with work. I have not known how to reconcile my faculty work with contract work I do as an instructional designer and rather than attempt to do either I do none. This indecision has left me on the visitor side of the continuum, not be design but by default.

The one area were I am growing into the resident side of the continuum is with Youtube due to the necessity for creating video lectures for classes. While these archives are amateur they were necessary to help students learn and so my presence has recently been growing on that platform.


White, David and Le Cornu, Alison. (September 5, 2011) Visitors and Residents: A new typology for online engagement. Last Monday Volume 16(9)