Unit 3 Reflection

After reflecting on the structures, as described by Dron (2014), I have a better understanding of the composition of my current digital learning network. My deepest learnings over the last year have come primarily from my networks, less so from sets or groups.  As I have grown my digital network, my interaction with sets has actually contributed to content overload as filtering has become problematic and time consuming. I intend to rethink my approach to sets, potentially reducing my exposure and finding more meaningful ways to interact for the purpose of learning.

As touched upon in Chapter 5 of Teaching Crowds (Dron, 2014), my goal is to share enough information to effectively build relationships and exchange valuable content, while building in sufficient space for privacy. Ultimately, I aim to develop an identifiable online persona without becoming fully vulnerable and sacrificing my private life. I anticipate it will be a challenging balance to achieve.

Dron, J, & Anderson, T. (2014). Teaching Crowds. Athabasca University Press. 

Photo by Marcelo Moreira from Pexels

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