LNRT 521: Assignment 1: Part 2 – Create, Cultivate and Reflect on your Digital Presence

Assignment 1: Part 2 – Create, Cultivate and Reflect on your Digital Presence


            Prior to beginning the MALAT program, I already had an established digital presence, as shown on LRNT 521: Unit 2 – Activity 3 | Begin Assignment 1: Create, Cultivate, and Reflect on your Digital Presence (Puri, N. 2021). Furthermore, with LRNT 521: Unit 3 – Activity 1 | Visual Network Mapping (Puri, N. 2021), the visualization map supported my views of LinkedIn being my primary node for online presence. Finally, with LRNT 521: Unit 5 – Activity 1 | Updating your Digital Presence and Identity Plan (Puri, N. 2021), my plan for further online cultivation resulted in more a positive outcome.

Originally, I had planned to simply update my existing websites, along with adding more content on my YouTube channels, while also maintaining my regular activity on LinkedIn. With no clear objective, I soon realized there would be no impact on my existing digital presence.

I decided to embrace framework reusability, and beyond software development, with elements from work, including a corporate presentation Pandemic Response using XP Methodology for eLearning Development, along with an assignment from a work sponsored training program, with Association for Talent Development (ATD) – Training Certificate, and merge both into my existing online presence.

First, I started with my ATD – Training Certificate assignment, where the activity was to choose a topic and develop a short video outlining training facilitation. My topic was Improving Formal Learning with Social Media, outlining different training facilitation strategies, including audience engagement with Menti, the use of QR codes for polling, viewing a LinkedIn video, and final feedback. Once completed, I posted this video on my existing YouTube channel, Nitin’s eLearning Hub.

At this point, I realized the title of my YouTube was misleading, as this new video, and my first post in over 2 years, was not related to eLearning (Jarboe, G. 2012). I decided to change the YouTube channel’s title to Nitin Puri’s Learning Hub (Puri, N. 2021) and updated the channel’s About information to I have set up this channel to showcase personal projects and discuss trends / emerging technologies within training and development.

Next, I condensed my corporate presentation within PowerPoint, by removing proprietary corporate information or examples, adding instrumental music, and publishing into MPEG4 format, for a short 1-minute video. I also published this video on my existing YouTube channel, Nitin Puri’s Learning Hub.

At this point, I had added two new pieces of original video content and decided to further market and share my presentation VS the assignment. The rationale for this was my presentation video was 1 minute, while the assignment video was over 5 minutes, along with the presentation being a relevant topic during pandemic, while the assignment was more generalized.

I shared the link from my YouTube channel, on my LinkedIn profile, Nitin Puri eLearning Developer at Aramco (Puri, N. 2021), and within 2 days, achieved over 250 views and 1 like. I proactively monitor my statistics and feedback key performance indicators (KPIs), as this is an excellent way to monitor online presence and network within LinkedIn itself (Prodromou, T. 2015) After posting, I realized there is another platform, where I could still leverage the YouTube video, and enhance my professional credibility.

I went back to the ATD website and logged into my ATD Profile, Nitin Puri Profile About Page (Puri, N. 2021). As a member for over 4 years, one available feature was posting on the ATD Blog, which I had never done before. At this point, I felt I had achieved industry maturity and experience to finally post a blog entry on the ATD website.

With my first ATD Blog post, Pandemic Response using XP Methodology for eLearning Development, I simply embedded the existing YouTube video, and added informative bullets within the blog post for audience awareness. Once published, I then reshared the ATD Blog post back on my LinkedIn profile.

On LinkedIn, within 2 days, the ATD Blog post, achieved over 500 views, 6 likes, and even 1 comment, supporting the desire to enhance my professional credibility. Furthermore, my different social media platforms build on one another, with my YouTube channel driving my ATD Profile, and my ATD Profile being shared on LinkedIn. Moving forward, I intent to remain more proactive on my ATD Blog, with additional YouTube content, including merging my latest YouTube channel Nitin Puri – MALAT – RRU – Class of 2023 (Puri, N. 2021).

Finally, I went into the settings for my LinkedIn profile, and updated my listed 3 websites to now include the link for Nitin’s Blog, for the MALAT program. Additionally, I have added Royal Roads University (RRU) as my current post-secondary institution, along providing the following descriptive information:

The Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) complements my cumulative work experience. The Royal Roads University (RRU) program is in alignment with my professional goals, that is, to enhance the digital learning experience, including delivery, facilitation, and production, during the current pandemic, and especially in a post COVID era.




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