LRNT 521: Unit 2 – Activity 3 | Begin Assignment 1: Create, Cultivate, and Reflect on your Digital Presence

The following is a snapshot of my existing digital identity and digital presence (DIDP):

  • Overall goal and purpose for cultivating my digital presence and identity:

Nurture and grow professional credibility, within the domain of eLearning/AR/VR/XR technologies. 

  • Approach for achieving this goal:

Converging online and offline persona to reinforce credibility. (Schryver, 2013)

  • Identification of skills, knowledge gaps:

Leveraging existing professional forums, groups, and networks. 

  • Strategies and approaches to address the identified gaps:

Actively and routinely attend conferences, expos, and webinars, by industry groups and peers. 

  • Measure(s) of success:

Invitation to facilitate, moderate, or present, topics related to eLearning/AR/VR/XR technologies, for conferences, expos, and webinars. 


Schryver, K. (2013, February 5). Who are you online? Considering issues of web identity. The New York Times blogs. Alternate link to the The NYT blogs site

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