LRNT 521: Unit 4 – Activity 1 | Discussing Impacts of Digital Learning

Unit 4 – Activity 1 | Discussing Impacts of Digital Learning

Topic J – Post-pandemic Education
Sam Kirk

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Nitin Puri

How Digital Learning is Affecting Post Pandemic Education 

  • Students are not realizing their full potential online because teachers and students are not experienced in online learning.
  • Video conferencing is the first and only solution to lesson delivery for many organizations. 
  • Lectures are the primary modality of instruction. 
  • Student/ teacher self-awareness when viewing themselves online makes them. more self-conscious. (students often do not have their cameras on /not engaged)
  • Zoom fatigue leads to worse learner outcomes. 
  • 55% of Canadians in rural areas do not have access to the internet.
  • Teachers are leaving their jobs to find work in other fields or retiring early due to lack of support from their organizations.
  • Privacy is an issue with platforms such as Teams, Zoom and Blue Jeans.
  • Privacy is an issue with regard to many members of a family working in the same spaces.
  • Increased workloads for teachers such as new administrative duties.
  • Teachers are expected to reach out and counsel students about their performance outside of school hours.
  • No clear boundaries or work limits provided by organizations for teachers in their new DLEs.
  • For young children, especially in K-12, students can be easily distracted, have a steep learning curve, and it’s an additional burden/strain for parents.
  • With multiple video conferencing platforms, there is an ongoing technological learning curve.  
  • Lack of standardization framework in regards to online delivery mechanisms and technology.
  • Increased potential of academic misconduct for assignments, projects, and examinations.
  • Self-proctored examinations are only possible with adequate resources, including hardware, software, and internet connection. 


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2 thoughts to “LRNT 521: Unit 4 – Activity 1 | Discussing Impacts of Digital Learning”

  1. Wow, Nitin and Sam, you have identified a lot of serious impacts, and seeing them listed here so concisely is quite an eye-opener. It has been fascinating to see and experience some of the innovation that has evolved to mediate some of these issues, such as new features in digital tools, increased mental health resources, and even creative uses of breakout rooms and other features that allow for small group work and community building. It might be interesting to gather information and feedback on some of the positive impacts or experiences in post-pandemic education as well.

    1. Thank you Alisha and agreed, moving forward, post pandemic the educational landscape will evolve.

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