Reflection on George Veletsianos Q+A

The MALAT 21-23 cohort had the opportunity to ask George Veletsianos, Royal Roads professor and Canadian research chair in learning and technology, a series of brief questions about his research, his experiences and his thoughts on the future of education and technology. Two questions stuck out to me as being of particular interest.

The first response that was interesting was to our question, about accommodating generational learning. George answered in a … non answer way, however his non answer alluded to the fact that we will be covering this content and other “myths” in the course that he facilitates, our next course, LRNT 523.  I found his response interesting, and, of particular interest was his use of the word myth.

The other musing that I found interesting was his comment on predictions, and the lack of accountability that researchers, individuals, or organizations take for predictions that they make. I hope that we also discuss the fragility of predictions and how we can be held accountable in LRNT523. I am curious about what stops predictions from coming to fruition. Taking George’s example that it was predicted the internet would replace teachers and textbooks, why didn’t this happen? Is it a reluctance from institutions and educators, or is it being the prediction is truly just not realistic? George raises great points and I am looking forward to learning from him.

Veletsianos, G. (2021, August 11). Personal interview [Personal interview].

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