Thoughts as I Progress through MALAT

month September 2021

Clark and Kozma- Advancing the Debate in an Interconnected World

  The ‘Great Media Debate’ as it has come to be known in academia takes the thinker and researcher through interesting journeys, where the destination ceases to matter. In 1983, Clark argued that media are only vehicles that deliver instructions… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1 | People in the field | Dr. Taskeen Adam

When considering who to recommend and why, I reflected on two questions, “Who am I?” and “What is important to me?”. Reflections around these questions, guided my research for this assignment. I am a mother and grandmother who has battled… Continue Reading →

Activity 3 | Polar Opposites and Peaceful Coexistence

  Connectivism works with us, never against us is my belief. I work in a conservative Manitoba Credit Union with about 470 employees. Our training team of three, shrunk to a team of one, and considering the budget cuts related… Continue Reading →

Activity 2 | Walking Down Memory Lane With Martin Weller

It was an interesting journey down memory lane. Reading Marin Weller’s (2020) book “25 years of Ed-Tech” brought back memories of trying to do my undergraduate degree as a ‘Correspondence course’ in my little village/town. I remember waiting for the… Continue Reading →

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