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I am an animal lover and cat parent to Leo, Dexter and Bucky. I enjoy spending time with nature, watching the birds, and my backyard wildlife. I am introvert capable of deep conversations. I read a lot, and am partial to books by Haruki Murakami and David Mitchell.

I love my work and believe learning and development is the foundation for any career.

LRNT524 Assignment 3b Design Manifesto

Please watch the YouTube video to view my Design Manifesto

LRNT524 Unit 2 – Activity1: Design Tools and Superpowers

India, where I was born is a diverse and culturally rich country. Canada which is my homeland, is also diverse with a melting pot of cultures. Having lived in India a big part of my adult life and over a… Continue Reading →

LRNT524 Unit 1 – Assignment 1: Critique of Design Models

  This paper explores the origins, strengths, weaknesses and personal applications of two Instructional Design Models (IDMs), Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction and Bloom’s Taxonomy. The paper concludes with a summary of learning and questions that prompted deeper reflection. Robert… Continue Reading →

LRNT524 Unit 1 – Activity 2 Exploring Design Models

  Reflecting on my course readings so far and connecting it to my own professional practice helped remove some of the angst and fear I have been experiencing recently, both at work and from the outset of this course. I… Continue Reading →

LRNT 523 Assignment 3 What Might Learning and Development Look Like in 2030 for Manitoban Credit Unions?

This essay explores the speculative question ‘What might learning and development look like in 2030 for Manitoban credit unions?’ with a focus on the influences of digitization and digital technologies. The essay begins with a summary of the key influences… Continue Reading →

Activity 6 | Looking Ahead: Learning and Development in Manitoban Credit Unions 2030

Key predictions and influences According to this paper by Deloitte (2012), the Canadian credit union system is entering the fourth wave of evolution, a period of realignment driven by competition, customer preferences, regulatory requirements, technological changes, and the quest for scale. This… Continue Reading →

Clark and Kozma- Advancing the Debate in an Interconnected World

  The ‘Great Media Debate’ as it has come to be known in academia takes the thinker and researcher through interesting journeys, where the destination ceases to matter. In 1983, Clark argued that media are only vehicles that deliver instructions… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1 | People in the field | Dr. Taskeen Adam

When considering who to recommend and why, I reflected on two questions, “Who am I?” and “What is important to me?”. Reflections around these questions, guided my research for this assignment. I am a mother and grandmother who has battled… Continue Reading →

Activity 3 | Polar Opposites and Peaceful Coexistence

  Connectivism works with us, never against us is my belief. I work in a conservative Manitoba Credit Union with about 470 employees. Our training team of three, shrunk to a team of one, and considering the budget cuts related… Continue Reading →

Activity 2 | Walking Down Memory Lane With Martin Weller

It was an interesting journey down memory lane. Reading Marin Weller’s (2020) book “25 years of Ed-Tech” brought back memories of trying to do my undergraduate degree as a ‘Correspondence course’ in my little village/town. I remember waiting for the… Continue Reading →

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