Thoughts as I Progress through MALAT

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Unit 2 – Activity 3 | Begin Assignment 1: Create, Cultivate, and Reflect on your Digital Presence (Individual)

Completing my ‘Visitor and Resident’ typology map based on David White’s Just the Mapping (White, D.2013) and then the ‘Analogue-Digital’ map based on Dave Cormier’s Digital Practices Mapping (Cormier, D. 2018} made me reflect deeply. It was evident that while… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 – Activity 2 | Mapping my Use of Technology as it Pertains to the Resident-Visitor Typology

   Watching Dave White’s video ‘Just the Mapping’ and working on my own map was an enlightening exercise that led me into deep reflection. This activity also made me ask myself some tough questions. Am I using technology or is… Continue Reading →

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