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LRNT521 Unit 1 – Activity 3 Virtual Symposium Critical Academic Reflective Blog Post

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I needed to take a deep breath, refresh my coffee and step outside to feel the wind in my face before setting out to write my first blog post for Unit 1- Introduction and Virtual Symposium. Overwhelmed, emotional, anxious, overjoyed,… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1 | People in the field | Dr. Taskeen Adam

When considering who to recommend and why, I reflected on two questions, “Who am I?” and “What is important to me?”. Reflections around these questions, guided my research for this assignment. I am a mother and grandmother who has battled… Continue Reading →

Activity 3 | Polar Opposites and Peaceful Coexistence

  Connectivism works with us, never against us is my belief. I work in a conservative Manitoba Credit Union with about 470 employees. Our training team of three, shrunk to a team of one, and considering the budget cuts related… Continue Reading →

Activity 2 | Walking Down Memory Lane With Martin Weller

It was an interesting journey down memory lane. Reading Marin Weller’s (2020) book “25 years of Ed-Tech” brought back memories of trying to do my undergraduate degree as a ‘Correspondence course’ in my little village/town. I remember waiting for the… Continue Reading →

Unit 1 Activity 3 | What Makes a Good Research Question

A good research question states the focus of investigation in the research and is: specific clear not answerable with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’-are open ended Qualitative Research Questions Qualitative research questions take on two forms, the central question and associated… Continue Reading →

Unit 3 Activity 1 Visual Network Mapping

This was an intriguing effort for me. I didn’t have much luck with Kumu the first time, and after trying multiple times, I decided to map just my LinkedIn network. This is how Kumu displayed my LinkedIn network. I looked… Continue Reading →

Unit 4 – Activity 1 Impact of Digital Learning on Digital Privacy and Policy

 By Zac Macdonald and Sharmila Vijayann   Increased Awareness With small and medium organizations shifting learning, there is an increased awareness of digital privacy and policies. For example, a medium sized Manitoba Credit Union had to shift all classroom training… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 – Activity 3 | Begin Assignment 1: Create, Cultivate, and Reflect on your Digital Presence (Individual)

Completing my ‘Visitor and Resident’ typology map based on David White’s Just the Mapping (White, D.2013) and then the ‘Analogue-Digital’ map based on Dave Cormier’s Digital Practices Mapping (Cormier, D. 2018} made me reflect deeply. It was evident that while… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 – Activity 2 | Mapping my Use of Technology as it Pertains to the Resident-Visitor Typology

   Watching Dave White’s video ‘Just the Mapping’ and working on my own map was an enlightening exercise that led me into deep reflection. This activity also made me ask myself some tough questions. Am I using technology or is… Continue Reading →

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