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LRNT521 Unit 1 – Activity 3 Virtual Symposium Critical Academic Reflective Blog Post

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I needed to take a deep breath, refresh my coffee and step outside to feel the wind in my face before setting out to write my first blog post for Unit 1- Introduction and Virtual Symposium. Overwhelmed, emotional, anxious, overjoyed,… Continue Reading →

Unit-1 Assignment 1 | Wellington 101 Facilitation Guidelines

I developed this Infographic to guide a new Learning and Development Specialist who joined my team last month. Wellington 101 is our advisor onboarding program that I am now revamping to be delivered fully online. My team is responsible for… Continue Reading →

Unit 3 Activity 1 – The Value of Reflection

Photo by Regina Calvo on Unsplash Reviewing the resources to complete this activity, I was struck by the Kearney (2013) article,  Improving engagement: the use of ‘Authentic self- and peer-assessment for learning to enhance the student learning experience, that states “The idea… Continue Reading →

LRNT525 Unit 2 – Assignment 1: The Cycle of Change Leadership in Digital Environments

    In organizing this post, I have integrated personal views from my Indian roots, professional experiences, conversations with a colleague who has chosen to be anonymous, and readings that have helped me reflect, and revise my established thinking. My… Continue Reading →

Reflections on Leadership

Image Credit: Kalki Penn Sirpi by K.Balachandar This assignment led to many forgotten spaces within me, spaces that were buried under the shaping experiences that have caused me to rediscover, reinvent, reignite and at times even remove; parts of my… Continue Reading →

LRNT524 Assignment 3b Design Manifesto

Please watch the YouTube video to view my Design Manifesto

LRNT524 Unit 2 – Activity1: Design Tools and Superpowers

India, where I was born is a diverse and culturally rich country. Canada which is my homeland, is also diverse with a melting pot of cultures. Having lived in India a big part of my adult life and over a… Continue Reading →

LRNT524 Unit 1 – Assignment 1: Critique of Design Models

  This paper explores the origins, strengths, weaknesses and personal applications of two Instructional Design Models (IDMs), Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction and Bloom’s Taxonomy. The paper concludes with a summary of learning and questions that prompted deeper reflection. Robert… Continue Reading →

LRNT524 Unit 1 – Activity 2 Exploring Design Models

  Reflecting on my course readings so far and connecting it to my own professional practice helped remove some of the angst and fear I have been experiencing recently, both at work and from the outset of this course. I… Continue Reading →

LRNT 523 Assignment 3 What Might Learning and Development Look Like in 2030 for Manitoban Credit Unions?

This essay explores the speculative question ‘What might learning and development look like in 2030 for Manitoban credit unions?’ with a focus on the influences of digitization and digital technologies. The essay begins with a summary of the key influences… Continue Reading →

Activity 6 | Looking Ahead: Learning and Development in Manitoban Credit Unions 2030

Key predictions and influences According to this paper by Deloitte (2012), the Canadian credit union system is entering the fourth wave of evolution, a period of realignment driven by competition, customer preferences, regulatory requirements, technological changes, and the quest for scale. This… Continue Reading →

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