My LinkedIn Network

This was an intriguing effort for me. I didn’t have much luck with Kumu the first time, and after trying multiple times, I decided to map just my LinkedIn network. This is how Kumu displayed my LinkedIn network. I looked at it in a kind of wonder. This was just one of my social media networks. In addition to this, I have Instagram, Twitter, and a recently reactivated Facebook account. If all my contacts, friends, followers, and other connections were added to this visual I would have over three thousand connections. This is an overwhelming thought, especially when I think of how my connections are each connected to their thousands of connections. With such a ‘reach’, to think I have done little to nothing to plan my identity and presence until this course is a thought that keeps coming back to me. Now that the course has highlighted my digital presence, which is this important element of my life, it is up to me to shape and make it work for me.. While I do have a long way ahead, am so excited for having made a start.
Revisiting this network map, and visualizing how it would look like with all my networks factored in, makes me think of the stars that are connected in the galaxies and those galaxies connected in the universe. I remember learning about how distant galaxies impact each other in predictable ways. There is just so much to draw from these networks and connections. How do I leverage these connections? I somehow feel both big and small on seeing this network. Big in reach from where I am, yet just a tiny part of the whole system.
I plan on getting back to Kumu and figuring out how I can get a complete map of my networks. There is so much to do and I look forward to it.