Overall goal

My goal is to continually develop a digital presence and identity that allows me to share and expand my technical expertise while actively collaborating and learning from my MALAT colleagues.  After completing our conceptual map on David White’s visitors and residents typology, I found that I am a resident in a few select technologies. These few residencies are highly influenced by my role requirements at work, so my hope is to find alternative ways to interact with these technologies. Campbell inspired me in saying innovation can be found by “Explore[ing] old ideas in new context”(Campbell, 2009). I hope to achieve this and additionally apply new ideas in old contexts to my work and MALAT studies 

Identification of skills and knowledge gaps

Actively using multiple technologies through work and personal interest allows me to learn digital environments quickly. Once I am using a technology, I am skilled at conveying its use and capabilities in an easily consumable format.  Currently, my struggles revolve around supporting my creations with correct design principals, pedagogies and other concepts I haven’t heard of yet. Filling these knowledge gaps will be key in developing my digital presence and ability to collaborate within my network as I will be better able to communicate the reasoning behind my ideas. 

Approach for achieving my goal

To achieve my goal, I will actively avoid getting stuck in the technical aspects of my MALAT journey and focus more on the rationale and theories behind my endeavors. Following Boyd’s description of behaviourist pedagogies to “… [build] on a richer psychological understanding of learning and how it occurs” incapsulates the attitude and objective setting I will use throughout the MALAT program and beyond (Boyd, 2011). In addition, I will purposefully push myself to share more of my experiences and thoughts through posts and comments. This will provide solution to help decentralize my technology residencies and intrinsically expose myself to a diverse array of information. 

Defining my goal success

At this moment I find setting specific objectives to achieve my goals difficult and hope that these will develop over time. For now I will measure success by ensuring to do a self check-in every week to acknowledge the achievements and challenges I encountered. An example achievement could be applying new theories to my work or MALAT studies. A challenge could be noticing myself getting too focused in technical aspects of a project instead of driving for richer understanding.


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