Zac MacDonald Technology Use Map Resized

    This was an great chance to reflect on some of the tech I use day to day. For simplicity I consolidated my interactions with technology at RRU as a student and staff together under institutional and anything else under personal. I do have the pleasure of doing freelance contract work, but found adding those specific technologies cluttered the map too much.

    My presence on the resident side to appeared be lighter than many as I don’t use some of the popular services that are “more visible and leave any kind of a trace” (White, 2013). Notably lacking for me would be Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as I have found my use of them rapidly decreased to essentially zero over the past five years. This is likely a result of my active effort to reduce “screen time” which is always a challenge especially with the added dynamic from the covid-19 pandemic.  

    Web conferencing tools has shifted to be quite central within my map due to the covid-19 pandemic, as meetings, facilitation, troubleshooting and informal conversations have all ended up in one of the various web conferencing platforms. It is also quite common for these web conferencing interactions to be recorded and added to support ticket requests, knowledge base tutorials or sent to other teams to information share. Working online since March of 2020 has definitely resulted in a shift of many of my technologies more to the residents side when previously much of my interactions would have been in person/ over the phone and not as visible. 

White, D. (2013, September 13). Just the Mapping. Youtube.