Zac's Network Map

To see the interactive version of the map, please see the Kumi link here. I decided to break down my network by how individuals and groups interact with me through various technologies and my personal “role”. At the center is Zac as a whole; this is then broken down into the 4 role categories. Each role is uniquely colored as they have distinct connections in how my network interacts with me. Crossover can be observed between my roles, but I assume this is amplified given I am a student and staff at RRU. For simplicity, I took technologies established in my Technology Concept Map post and colored them green. For this diagram I wasn’t focused on usage, preference or importance of each technology and kept their size and color the same. From each technology, the grey nodes connected represent a group or individual and how they interact with me through certain technologies. Due to sheer numbers, I found it difficult to try to capture every case or individual as these grey nodes, but made sure each one created had an example that could explain the relationship. Upon reflection of my network map, I observed separation from the top and bottom of the diagram, being RRU and non-RRU related network connections. These connections will likely develop more over time as the MALAT program progresses and I continue to work at RRU.