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College Reading and Writing Design Manifesto

Reviewing ‘Chopped Id And Bicycle Repair: Contrasting Values In Synchronous Graduate Instructional Designs For Design Learning’: Its quality and value to a noob ID from a ESL background

The design case I chose to review was one that I had originally read for expansion on the topic of design cases, that I ‘couldn’t put down.’ I chose it based on my love of biking and the author was… Continue Reading →

Rewriting History and the Future Using Educational Technology

According to Selwyn (2021), “[M]ost ed-tech endeavours are rooted in a shared sense of continuing progress” (para. 4). Nowhere is shared progress more necessary, and more contentious, than between the Indigenous peoples of northern Turtle Island, and the government of… Continue Reading →

What does the future look like, for Ed-Tech, for us all?

Education does not exist in a vacuum, but rather functions within the society of which it is a part. Given the ways in which the modern world has changed, definitions of society as a larger construct and from personal perspective… Continue Reading →

The ‘Great Media Debate’: Revisiting its Relevance

By Katrina Fraser and Alexandra Samur “Centre for Educational Technology” by hanspoldoja is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Emerging in the 80s and 90s, clearly a very different era of computer and internet technologies than today, the “Great Media Debate” between Richard Clark (1994)… Continue Reading →

The Ubiquitous Selwyn

Professor Neil Selwyn is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Faculty of Education at Monash University in Australia (International Science Council, n.d.). It seems that almost every article on Ed Tech that we have read has at least one reference… Continue Reading →

Applying Weller Today

2009: Twitter and Social Media I found this chapter so adept at relating to the events of today that I frequently found my mind taken off into the minefield that epitomizes social media today, especially in our current state of… Continue Reading →

Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech: Enjoying Reflecting

I am enjoying reading this book, and repeatedly find myself going off on tangential trips down memory lane.  Here are a few reflections based on the prompts provided. What do you find surprising in these chapters? Why? One thing I… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Jungle

By jungle, I mean the furthest thing from it in almost every way: a small, suburban home filled with peace and quiet, save for the space between a middle-aged woman’s ears, where dung-slinging monkeys scamper and shriek in a swirling,… Continue Reading →

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