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The Great Media Debate

Megan Li and Tim Wong For this unit, we have been exploring the great media debate. The great media debate started in the 80s and centered on media’s impact on learning. On the one hand, Clark (1994) viewed media as… Continue Reading →

Dr. Tony Bates

I have been tasked with finding a prominent influencer in the ed-tech field for this post. After some research and reflecting upon readings from previous courses, the person I will profile is Dr. Tony Bates. Dr. Bates has published twelve books… Continue Reading →

25 Years of Ed Tech (2002-2011)

I have now read the years 2002-2011 in Weller’s (2020) 25 Years of Ed Tech. So far, this book has been an easy read (I never thought I’d say that in a Master’s Program), and I am listening to the… Continue Reading →

25 Years of Ed Tech (1994-2001)

  For this activity, I have been reading Marin Weller’s book, 25 Years of Ed Tech. The book covers one significant ed-tech advancement for the years 1994-2018. For this post, I will be covering the years 1994 to 2001. The… Continue Reading →

What Makes a Good Research Question?

For this blog post, I have been asked to share my perspective on what makes a good research question. Having a good research question is essential as it gives researchers a clear direction. A researcher should spend some time doing… Continue Reading →

How Digital Learning has Impacted Post Pandemic Education

For this post, we have been asked to connect with a classmate and discuss how digital learning has impacted post-pandemic education. Thank you, Bart, for a great conversation! Here are my key takeaways from the conversation: Since the start of… Continue Reading →

Unit 3 Readings

Reflecting on my DIDP and the readings from this past week, I am starting to understand how to better develop digital learning spaces and how to be a better educator. The readings also brought up several questions that I will… Continue Reading →

Visual Network

For this post I have been asked to map out my networks and communities. I have used a tool called Kumu. I enjoyed using this tool, and I hope I will be able to use it again. While laying out… Continue Reading →

My Digital Presence (DIDP)

I would like to develop my digital presence to grow, share, and collaborate with my students, fellow MALAT students, and colleagues in the education field and manufacturing sector. In this post, I will reflect on where I currently am and… Continue Reading →

Visitor or Resident?

For this exercise, I mapped my technology use based on the resident-visitor typology. White and LeCornu (2011) describe how individuals engage with the internet based on the “visitor and resident continuum.” They state that “visitors” use the internet as a… Continue Reading →

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