When listening to the answers to all the questions, George has a wealth of knowledge and shows such passion for what he does. I am looking forward to following what he does in the next few years.

The answer to my team’s question really resonated with me, especially in relation to my workplace. I agree that there is no “normal” at the moment. So many things are happening in our world, and the pandemic is still happening, adjustments to educational institutions are ongoing. When he referenced doing things in new ways and being excited about the potential for radical change, that makes me want to be part of that change. New technology is always exciting, but building a stronger community because of it, would be amazing!

Every response to our cohorts’ questions provided clarity on many different topics. I specifically found his advice in the wrap-up to be very helpful. It’s helping me to think of research from a different perspective.

And in conclusion, I must get my bibliographic management under control, that is also great advice!