There are many components to what makes a good research question, along with many types of research options. As I was searching through Royal Roads, Google, and Bing, the summary of a good research question is highlighted in the graphic above.

Characteristics of a strong research question include:

  • Pertinent: Is the research relevant to an issue that currently exists
  • Intriguing: Is the research topic interesting, will others “want” to know the answer to your research question
  • Relevant: Is the topic being researched relevant to your field of study
  • Focused: Research should be focused on one problem or issue
  • Non-biased: Fair and impartial practices when conducting research studies
  • Answerable: Can your research question be answered?

Once you have determined what type of research you would like to do, the next step is to formulate one or more questions that you would like to answer. Then take some time to figure out what you want to know and how you plan to achieve the resolution to your question.